Managing health problems in dancing?

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With my excessive dancing coupled with martial art training and school work, I'm seeing a few health problems that arise. I would appreciate some advice on preventative measures, and how to lead a healthy dancing life style.

1. Foot problems. I like dressing up for dance, so I wear dress shoes/loafers that are functional enough to run and turn in. But you bet those aren't as comfortable as sneakers. With 14h/week dancing recently my left foot, which I rely for spin, is starting to hurt in the arch. Nothing that would need a doctor visit, but it's very annoying when walking. I recently had to switch to sneakers and while this fix the problem I don't like wearing sneaker dancing. If the fragile ladies can wear stilettos and still do triple spins there's no reason I can't dance with dress shoes.

Anyone has tips on how to take care of your feet for dancing?

2. Sleeping. You bet. From Thursday to Saturday I don't go home before midnight. And every day I have to get up early for school or training, like 7am. Taking little naps during the day helps a bit but nothing beats a long night sleep. I know a lot of people dance while having full time jobs, so you guys must have some tricks.

3. Exhaustion. I'm a 23 energetic and sportive guy, but I'm feeling like I'm burning through my muscle here. On average I dance 2-3 hours/day, train for 1-3 hours/day, and of course there's school work. I basically only go back home to sleep and eat before taking off again. I like the life style and has nothing to complain, but if it keeps going like this I won't be able to sustain it for long term. We youngster might think we're bulletproof adamantium wrapped in an Adonis body, but the truth is when I wake up from bed and every muscle fiber scream in utter agony, it ain't easy.

So I would like tips on dieting, how to supply myself with enough energy to go about the day and prevent exhaustion and muscle sore.

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