Relaxing the hip flexors

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Hi, moderators!

I have been trying really hard for quite a while to not not cramp up my hip flexors in slower leg extension movements front and side. I am frequently being told that I need to not use my hip flexors as much, but they always want to do more work than they need to. I have talked to multiple teachers about this, and theoretically know that overusing the hip flexors will prohibit the legs moving freely at the end ranges, and will not allow the energy to extend further. And I don't cramp them in faster movements like grand battement. But, somehow my hip flexors just don't want to "relax" in steps like relevé lent... Even in floor barre and conditioning classes, I have been told that I grip them too much.

In terms exercises, I have tried doing floor barre (yes, I still grip them), hip flexor stretches, and doing developpé in a pool (gripping comes back when I try to lift the leg higher than the surface of water). What should I do?

I didn't find the right solution from the internet.

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