swaron three-shot kya pyar karoge mujhse ??

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This three shot is dedicated to deeksha di :* love you di

Banner would be uploaded soon

All kinds of comments are welcome praise as well as criticizing comments but do comment

Haven't proof read yet will do that later

Part 1
Swayam was being accused of something he didn't at the s mujhsangeet Sharon couldn't take it anymore she blasted of the builder and others who were accusing swayam and then before anyone could say something or stop her she storm off from there
Sharon was walking down on a deserted road in anger and frustration she was so frustrated because of everything in her life right now her equation with swayam was akward and rude and there was no hope of getting back together swayam was accused of being a cheap person and the builder Conditions because of which the musical and their future was at stake and angry because she just didn't know what to do
She was so angry and preoccupied that she failed to notice the a few drunk people whistling at her
While Sharon was walking down the road the gang was searching for Sharon everyone was worried for Sharon and swayam he was very anxious he was scared that something would happen to his Sharon he was getting very fidgety by each passing second they had search everywhere in the near by area but they couldn't find her at all "guys I think we should inform the police now Sharon seems to be nowhere around I doubt something bad might have happened to her"suggested simmi "I think she is right we should go to police now only they can help us in finding Sharon" agreed rey "no wait guys lets try one last time please "insisted swayam and they began the search again

I didn't find the right solution

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